Winn-Dixie Ch. 17-18
by Jennifer Ramos-Stuber
| 10 Questions
What did Littmus do after the war?
A. He made candles.
B. He went to Canada.
C. He enlisted in another war.
D. He invented a candy.
What was the secret ingredient in the Littmus Lozenge?
A. root beer
B. sorrow
C. strawberry
D. sugar
Read the following sentence.

It was there that my great-grandfather manufactured the Littmus Lozenge, a candy that was famous all over the world.

What does the word manufactured mean in the sentence above?
A. made and sold a product
B. told the truth to everyone
C. bought a product
D. helped people
When Miss Franny opened the top drawer of her desk, what was it full of?
A. ink pens
B. books
C. library cards
D. candy
Why was Opal surprised when Amanda said she felt sadness?
A. Amanda was a very pretty girl.
B. Amanda has a mom and a dad.
C. Amanda was always pinch-faced.
D. Amanda is a good reader.
Read the sentences below.

When he finally finished crying, he had the strangest sensation. He felt like he wanted something sweet.

What does the word sensation mean?
A. the sense of smell
B. a strong feeling
C. famous or popular
D. liking candy
Who was Carson?
A. A friend of Opal's
B. Miss Franny's brother
C. Amanda Wilkinson's brother
D. Gloria Dump's son
Read the sentence below.

"It almost tastes melancholy," he said.

Which answer choice means the same as melancholy?
A. sad or depressed
B. ashamed or bored
C. embarrassed and frightened
D. cheerful and happy
What is Chapter 17 mostly about?
A. How the Littmus Lozenge was created and that whomever eats it will feel sad about something
B. How Amanda Wilkinson feels sad about Carson
C. How Littmus Block came back from the war to find his family dead and his house burned down
D. How the Littmus Lozenge factory building is still in Naomi, even though they don't make the candy anymore
According to Opal, what is the meaning of " was like a Littmus Lozenge"?
A. Life is sometimes sweet.
B. Life is sometimes melancholy.
C. Life is sometimes confusing.
D. Life is sometimes boring.
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