Green Card Voices: Miguel Ramos
by Joan Oen
| 10 Questions
Note from the author:
These questions are for during the viewing of Green Card Voices: Miguel Ramos video and are based on the questions found in the Voices of Immigrant Storytellers Teacher Guide by Jose Guzman, Veronica Quillien, Tea Rozman Clark, and Kathy Seipp, copyright 2015.
Use the link on Schoology (or below) to watch the video of Mr. Ramos then answer the following questions.
Tip: Do a split screen of the video and these questions.

1 pt
Where is Mr. Ramos from? Hint: Look at the map at the beginning of the video.
Montreal, Canada
Boise, Idaho
San Jose, Costa Rica
San Juan, Puerto Rico
1 pt
When Mr. Ramos was a boy, why did kids laugh at his baseball glove?
It was a cheap, plastic glove.
It was a very expensive, leather glove.
It was a softball glove.
1 pt
What happened when Mr. Ramos turned 17?
He moved to a rich neighborhood.
His father died.
He started playing baseball.
He returned to his native country.
1 pt
Mr. Ramos wanted his kids to have a better education than he had.
1 pt
What did Mr. Ramos like about Minnesota?
1 pt
What struggles did Mr. Ramos face 20 years ago? Select all that apply.
He had a very strong accent.
No one took the time to try to understand him.
He didn't know how to invest his father's inheritance.
People called him "alien."
Too many people offered to help him.
1 pt
Mr. Ramos like being called "alien."
1 pt
How does Mr. Ramos contribute to the United States?
1 pt
Mr. Ramos hopes everyone can look past politics and race to see immigrants has people who want what is best for their families.
1 pt
Immigrating was difficult for Mr. Ramos. What could have helped?
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