Division or Multiplication Word Problem Practice
by kelly stewart
| 6 Questions
Note from the author:
1 pt
Chloie was at the beach for five days and found 30 seashells and 20 starfish. She plans to give all of her seashells equally to her three friends. How many seashells will each friend get ?
1 pt
There were a total of 21 football games during the three month season. If the games are equally divided, how many football games are played a month ?
1 pt
Mikey has 85 dollars in five dollar bills. How many five dollars bills does he have ?
1 pt
Weston, Lila and Jenny have 72 gumballs all together. Ben has two candy bars. If the gumballs are equally divided, how many will each person get ?
1 pt
Ely goes fishing with Macie. They catch 14 trout and 3 catfish. If they equally split up the trout, how may will each one get ?
1 pt
Mrs. Stewart has eight red balloons. Mrs. Kermer has four times more red balloons than Mrs. Stewart. How many red balloons does Mrs. Kermer have?
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