Informational Performance Task
by Kimberly Naspinski
| 5 Questions
Use both sources to answer the questions below.
What topic can be found in both reading passages? Choose ALL that apply.
Both MLK and Malcolm X were religious leaders.
Both MLK and Malcolm X used peace to fight for equal rights.
Both MLK and Malcolm X were powerful public speakers.
Both MLK and Malcolm X were inspired by their travels.
Both MLK and Malcolm X were killed for their beliefs.
In which source did the leader change his mind about how to fight for equal rights?
Source 1
Source 2
Both Sources

Write the sentence from the source that proves your answer from question 2.
Which source would be most helpful in understanding ways to bring justice? Explain why this source is most helpful. Give at least 2 details to support your answer.
You will now review your notes and sources, and plan, draft, revise, and edit your writing. You may use your notes and refer to the sources.

When your class returns from the library, your classmates begin to share what they learned about bringing justice during the Civil Rights Movement. Your teacher asks you to write a paper explaining the differences between the way MLK, Jr and Malcolm X brought justice.

In your paper, you will describe Martin Luther King's strategies for bringing about change compared to Malcolm X. Your paper will be read by your classmates and teacher.

Make sure you clearly state your ideas and write several paragraphs supporting your point with details from the sources. Develop your ideas clearly and use your own words, except when quoting directly from the sources. Be sure to give the source title or number for the details or facts you use.

Now begin your informational paper and make sure to
1. plan your informational paper
2. write your informational paper
3. review and edit your paper

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