Winn-Dixie Ch. 13-14
| 10 Questions
Read the sentence below.

Me and Winn-Dixie got inot a daily routine where we would leave the trailer early in the morning and get down to Gertrude's Pets in time to hear Otis play his guitar music for the animals.

Which word or phrase from the sentence above helps the reader understand what the word "routine" means?
A. morning
B. daily
C. Gertrude's Pets
D. hear Otis play guitar music
Which best describes what Stevie and Dunlap's mother said about Opal?
A. She is the preacher's daughter so she would be a nice girkl to make friends with.
B. She is a bad influence and the boys shouldn't be around her.
C. She spends too much time with older people who may not be good influences on her.
D. She is a girl and boys need to play with boys.
What does Gloria Dump tell Opal about the Dewberry boys?
A. to ignore them
B. to yell at them
C. to play with them
D. to not judge them
Why does Gloria Dump have a "bottle tree" in her yard?
A. to attract ghosts
B. to remind her of the bad things she did in her life
C. to have a pretty decoration in her yard
D. so she can have something in case she decided to drink again
Gloria Dump and Opal's mother have something in common. What is it?
A. They are both old and blind.
B. They both have daughters.
C. They both drank a lot in their past.
D. They both left their children behind.
Which of the following is a FACT about Gloria Dump?
A. She was the nicest person in Naomi.
B. She had a drinking problem when she was younger.
C. She too had gone to jail.
D. She looked like a witch.
Which is NOT one of Opal's opinions about the Dewberry boys?
A. "You're a big bald-headed baby!"
B. "They are ignorant and mean!"
C. "They're trying to make friends with you."
D. "They're stupid, mean, and are boys!"
Which of the following best describes Gloria Dump?
A. judgmental and jealous
B. boring and dull
C. wise and caring
D. shy and quiet
What is most likely the reason why Gloria showed Opal her tree with all the bottles on it?
A. To show Opal that she should not judge Otis for his past, but instead, judge him for the kind of person he is now
B. To show Opal how to hang bottles from a tree
C. To remind Opal that her mom had a drinking problem
D. To get in the shade and out of the hot sun
Which of the following would NOT be a theme for this book at this point in the story?
A. Things are ot always as they seem.
B. Do not judge people on things that they have done in the past.
C. Winn-Dixie is a good dog.
D. Everyone needs friends.
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