CPAC Convening, Oakland
by Charlotte Thompson
| 7 Questions
Please use reflections from today's presentations and activities to create a short-, middle-, or long-term plan for your team. If you have an alternative organizational structure you'd like to use, you are invited to do so and to submit your plans to the shared Google Drive. Otherwise, please complete the provided templates, also in the shared Google Drive.
1 pt
What is your school or pathway and district? (i.e. Skyline High School Green Pathway, OUSD)
1 pt
What are 1-2 key takeaways that you plan to apply to your immediate work?

1 pt
What is your team's long-term goal for performance assessment?

1 pt
Realistically, what type of plan can your team execute on right now?
Short-term (1-month)
Mid-term (2-3 months or until the end of the school year)
Long-term (4-6 months, through the beginning of the next school year)
1 pt
Did you use the provided planning template or an internal document?
Template provided
Internal document
1 pt
What help do you need in staying accountable?

1 pt
How would you like the PLC to help hold you accountable?
Jointly held deadlines
Cross-network partnerships
Communication/reminders between convenings
Add to my formatives list