Relating Multiplication to Division
by Maria Acosta
| 5 Questions
20 pts
Miles had 6 friends attend his birthday party. How could he share 21 cupcakes equally among his friends and himself?
They each get 3 cupcakes
They each get 7 cupcakes
They each get 6 cupcakes
They each get 5 cupcakes
20 pts
David wanted each of his friends to have a set of 6 football stickers. He had 42 stickers altogether. How many friends could receive a set of 6 stickers? Be sure to show your work and use the G.E.T strategy!
20 pts
5 x3 is the same as 5+5+5
20 pts
Jerry helped the librarian place the same number of library books into 5 different boxes. When they finished, they had packed 40 books into the boxes. How many library books are in each box? Be sure to show your work!
20 pts
Bo must memorize 32 spelling words in 4 days. He plans to memorize the same number of words each day. In order to be ready for his test, how many words will Bo need to memorize each day?
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