Winn-Dixie Ch. 9-10
by Jennifer Ramos-Stuber
| 10 Questions
As Opal was riding her bike toward Gloria Dump's house, what was she MOST afraid of?
A. Getting in trouble by the preacher
B. Getting eaten by the witch
C. Losing Winn-Dixie
D. Stevie and Dunlap
Which sentence best proves that Gloria Dump is a very caring person?
A. "Why don't you go on and tell me everything about yourself so I can see you with my heart."
B. "Go on and sit down, but sit down carefully."
C. "You can always trust a dog that likes peanut butter."
D. "My name's Gloria Dump, ain't that a terrible last name? Dump?"
Read the following sentences.

"You ain't got to be sorry," she said. "I enjoy a little company."

Choose the sentence below that uses the word "company" in the same way as above.
A. My father owns the company Winn-Dixie.
B. Our family is going on a company picnic at the beach.
C. My sister's company had to let people go and she was one of them.
D. Last night my mom had a dinner party and we had lots of company at our house.
Read the following sentences.

She was old with crinkly brown skin. She had on a big floppy hat with flowers all over it, and she didn't look like a witch.

Which of the following words is a synonym for "crinkly"?

A. smooth
B. wrinkled
C. dry
D. smart
Opal and Gloria Dump have something in common. What is it?
A. They are both old.
B. They both have last names other people make fun of.
C. They are both preacher's kids.
D. They both love living in Naomi, Florida.
Why does Opal tell Gloria Dump so many things about her life?
A. Opal doesn't have anything else to do.
B. Opal is afraid Gloria is really a witch.
C. Opal does not want to leave and face the Dewberry boys again.
D. Opal does not have friends, so she has been waiting a long time to tell someone about herself.
What do Opal and Gloria Dump plant?
A. a giant sunflower
B. a wait-and-see tree
C. a plant-and-pick garden
D. a tomato plant
Read the following sentence.

My grandma has a green thumb, but I can't keep anything alive.

In the sentence above, what does the phrase "green thumb" mean?
A. to remember something
B. unable to grow plants
C. unusually long thumbs
D. able to grow plants
When the preacher tucked Opal in bed and called Winn-Dixie up on the bed, what did it look like Winn-Dixie was doing when he looked at the preacher?
A. laughing
B. smiling
C. crying
D. sneezing
How does Opal most likely feel about her day as she is getting tucked into bed at the end of chapter 10?
A. worried that her plant with Gloria will not grow
B. annoyed that Winn-Dixie is snoring
C. excited about the new friends she has made
D. angry at the Dewberry boys for making fun of her
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