Module 3 End of Module Assessment
by Sheila Darr
| 7 Questions
Note from the author:
Engage NY-Module 3 End of Module Assessment
Aunt Korina and her 3 friends decide to share a cab to go to the mall. If they each spent $6, how much did the cab ride cost altogether? Write an equation using a letter to represent the unknown. Solve.
Aunt Korina’s 3 friends each order pasta and a lemonade for lunch.Aunt Korina orders only chicken salad.

Use the menu to find how much they spend altogether. Write equations using letters to represent the unknown. Solve.

Aunt Korina mentally checks the total using 4 × $9. Explain her strategy.

After lunch, the friends notice a sale. Compare the crossed out prices to the new sale prices. If all sale prices are calculated in the same way, what would the sale price be on an item that originally cost $24? Use words and equations to explain how you know.

A shopkeeper in the bookstore arranges the boxed sets of books as shown below.
If each box contains 9 books, how many books are there?
 Write an equation using a letter to represent the unknown, and then solve.
 Explain how you know your answer is reasonable.

Aunt Korina figures out how many books are in the arrangement. Her work is shown below. Explain Aunt Korina’s strategy.
10 × 10 – 10 = 90
In the book store, Aunt Korina buys 3 boxes of pens. Each box contains 2 bundles of 10 gray pens. Her friend buys 6 packs of pens. Each pack contains 10 black pens. Explain how the equation below shows how Aunt Korina and her friend buy the same number of pens.
6 × 10 = 3 × 2 × 10

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