Compare & Contrast "All Summer in a Day" (Video vs. Text)
by Hannah Johnson
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Note from the author:
Compare and contrast fill-in-the-blank essay for the video/movie and text/story version of "All Summer in a Day" by Ray Bradbury.
DIRECTIONS: Using your notes on the Venn Diagram, fill in the blanks to write a short essay comparing and contrasting the story to video versions of "All Summer in a Day" by Ray Bradbury. You may copy and paste the template below.

The story and video versions of "All Summer in a Day" by Ray Bradbury have several similarities. For example, one similarity in characterization is _____ . Another similarity is that, in both, the setting is _______ . There is also a similar conflict, which is _______ . One more important similarity is _______ . As you can see, the story and video have many commonalities.

Despite all the similarities, there are also differences between the story and the video. For example, in the story, _____ . However, in the video, _______ . Another difference is that in only the story do we read that ____. In contrast, only in the movie do we see that ______ . Finally, while the story has a dangling ending, the video, on the contrary, ends with ______. Those were a few ways the story and video differed.

The aforementioned differences have quite an affect on the experience as a viewer. One difference, _____, impacted us as an audience. Specifically, it made us ____ . We think the director included this change because _____ .

In our opinion, the ____ was better than the _____ . First, ______. Second, ______. Lastly, ______. That is why we thought the ______ version of "All Summer in a Day" was more enjoyable.

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