How Do You Raise a Raisin? Comp Questions
by Matt McKee
| 10 Questions
1 pt
Over the years, people figured out which grapes produced the yummiest raisins. Which word makes this an opinion?
1 pt
When there is a bold print or italic word, the author does this in order to
show these are important words in the story
show which words are hard to read
remind you these words could be on a test
remember to skip these words when reading
1 pt
You should eat raisins because they are healthy. What is the purpose of this statement?
to inform and entertain
to inform
to entertain
to persuade
1 pt
What conclusion can you draw about "raisins being 90% grown in California?"
California is well-known for growing the best raisins
Growing raisins in California is difficult work
California has the tastiest raisins
This is where most of the raisins are grown
1 pt
Which statement best supports the main idea of "How Do You Raise a Raisin?
Grapes grow on vines then they are picked and placed in the sun until they are dried up.
First there are grapes then the grapes slowly turn into raisins.
Grapes dry up from the sun and are then put into raisin boxes.
Grapes are picked from the trees and then they are left out in the sun to dry.
1 pt
Which sentence is considered a fantasy?
The grapes are picked when they are ripe.
The raisin decided to go to the beach for a swim.
Astronauts can eat raisins in a space shuttle.
A tall man picked many grapes.
1 pt
What was the author's purpose for this story?
to inform
to persuade and entertain
to entertain
to entertain and inform
1 pt
The author probably wrote this story because she
enjoys writing stories about different types of foods
is interested about raisins
wants people to be informed about raisins and why they are important to us
thinks raisins are the best type of snack
1 pt
The genre of this story is
realistic fiction
tall tale
expository text
1 pt
What conclusion about raisins can be made from this story?
The author provided interesting facts about raisins.
Raisins are tasty, nutritious, and popular in many cultures.
Everyone should eat raisins.
Raisins are very popular and are well known around the world.

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