5th Module 3, Unit 1
by Cynthia Corrales-Diaz
| 3 Questions
1 pt
Using the information in the graphic organizer, write a brief summary of the text below. Be sure to include at least one direct quotation from the text.

3 pts
Underline the verbs in the sentence:

The book Promises to Keep teaches us about how Jackie Robinson broke barriers in baseball during the historical era in which he lived.

Write each verb and the tense it is written in below:

Verb: __________________________ Tense: __________________________

Verb: __________________________ Tense: __________________________

Verb: __________________________ Tense: __________________________
1 pt
Read the sentence below and rewrite the sentence using the correct verb tenses.

There were many factors that will be contributing to Jackie's success in a changing society.

Rewrite the sentence below using the appropriate shift in verb tense throughout.
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