4-3.3 & 4-3.4 Quiz
by Colleen Adam
| 10 Questions
Why was the Battle of Bunker (Breed’s) Hill considered a “key” battle of the Revolutionary War?
It was the first battle of the American Revolution
The British learned that the Americans were heavily armed
The British surrendered due to the Americans knowledge and abilit
The Americans learned they could stand up to the British, but would need help
What was an effect of the Battle of Saratoga?
The French decided to help the Colonists with supplies
The Revolutionary War came to an end with the British surrender
The colony of South Carolina was taken over by the British at Fort Moultrie
The British soundly defeated the Colonists, but were given heavy casualties
Which of the following was NOT a factor that contributed to the end of the Revolution?
The French navy blockaded the British from entering the harbor at Yorktown
Ben Franklin, John Adams, and John Jay negotiated a peace treaty with Britain
The British were surrounded on land and sea by the French and the Americans
King George III called for a surrender at Charleston due to a lack of supplies for the British
Which of the following was NOT an effect or characteristic of the battles at Lexington and Concord?
The first shots of the Revolutionary War were fired
The British claimed the land won in the French and Indian War
The Second Continental Congress met and named a Commander-in-Chief
The event became known as the “shot heard round the world” because of its impact
Which battle showed how the cooperation of the Continental Army and irregular partisan forces could lead to a victory for the Americans?
Battle of Bunker Hill
Battle of Charleston
Battle of Cowpens
Battle of Lexington
Which of the following was NOT an effect on African Americans or slaves after the American Revolution?
States in the North passed laws to release their slaves
Southern landowners’ dependence on slavery remained high
The fear of liberating slaves caused many to place more control over them
The North’s economy began to change, requiring more slave labor in those states
During the American Revolution, women were expected to do which of the following?
Fight as soldiers in the battles
Run the family farms or businesses
Move to other lands where no battles were
Vote in government elections to have their voice heard
Which of the following increased the dependence on slave labor?
The invention of the cotton gin
Laws that began to emancipate slaves
African Americans moving into the south
Native Americans needing more slaves for movin
What did the Land Ordinance of 1785 and the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 have in common?
Both were territories where the British lived in
Both led to the creation of states that allowed slavery
Both led to the creation of states for the Native Americans
Both had the government encouraging white settlers to move west

What was true of Native Americans after the United States added the land in the above picture?
They became American citizens
They were allowed to vote on new laws
They were forced to give up their land and move
They were forced to become slaves in the new states
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