Grade 4- Ordering Adjectives (L.1.1e)
by Elementary Literacy Curriculum Administrator
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Directions: Read the passage and then answer numbers 1 through 5. There are five underlined words or phrases in the passage to show which word or phrase may be incorrect.
Now answer numbers 1 through 5. Choose the correct word or phrase for each of the following sentences.
1 pt
There were five huge square rooms with lots of art in each room.
A five square huge
B square huge five
C square five huge
D correct as is
1 pt
In the first room I saw paintings with blue water beautiful colors.
A beautiful blue water
B water blue beautiful
C beautiful water blue
D correct as is
1 pt
In the next room there was a red silk long curtain that hung at the entrance.
A long silk red
B silk red long
C long red silk
D correct as is
1 pt
Behind the curtains were five enormous silver stands that held many wonderful glass vases.
A silver five enormous
B five silver enormous
C enormous silver five
D correct as is
1 pt
On our way out we saw silver two small teapots behind a case.
A two silver small
B two small silver
C small two silver
D correct as is
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