by Nicole Leiker
| 8 Questions
In paragraph one, the author says "Instead of having his mom drive him to school, he will walk with his friend Luke." How is walking to school helping to keep the Earth healthy?
A Walking is great exercise
B Walking is faster
C He doesn't like to sit in the car
D Walking doesn't require gas, which causes pollution
In the end of the story, Frankie didn't see Luke outside to walk to school. Why wasn't Luke there?
A Luke broke his New Year Resolution
B It was the weekend, and there's no school on the weekend
C Luke had his mom drive him to school
D Frankie went to the wrong place
A statue of Dr. King has been placed on the National Mall because
A Dr. King deserves to be nationally recognized.
B looking at the statue will remind people about equal rights.
C children will learn about Dr. King by visiting the memorial.
D all of the above.
_____________ African Americans were forced to drink from different water fountains than white people
A During segregation
B After segregation
C Both during and after segregation
D Neither during nor after segregation
The author included the map
A to show the reader how to get to Washington, D.C.
B to show the architects where to place the statue.
C to show the reader where the statue is located.
D to show the president where to go to give his speech.
Based on the text, what has been a major threat to Kabul Zoo?
A an international group of zoos
B Afghan leaders trying to shut the zoo down
C drought
D war
The author included a map to
A show where in Kabul the zoo is located
B show the reader where the North Carolina zoo is.
C show the reader where Kabul and Afghanistan are.
D show the veterinarians how to get to Kabul
The money that Public School 48 raised probably went towards
A buying new animals for the Kabul Zoo.
B moving Kabul's animals to a new zoo.
C food, medicine, and supplies for the animals at the Kabul Zoo.
D medicine for people injured during periods of war in Afghanistan.
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