Adaptive Cultures
by Crystal Starr
| 10 Questions
Note from the author:
Adaptive Cultures Unit 4 week 1
What text evidence from the article supports the author’s point that Machu Picchu was built with its environment in mind?
The terraces were most likely used for farming crops, such as potatoes and maize.
For this reason, scientists cannot be sure what purpose the metropolis served.
The stones form buildings, stairs, and terraces around the mountain.
It fi ts right in with the natural rock outcroppings of the mountain.
Read this excerpt from the article.

Nearly 600 years ago, they built an amazing metropolis on the slopes of the Andes Mountains. Called Machu Picchu, for “Old Mountain,” this city was carefully planned and designed.

Which word in the excerpt helps the reader understand what metropolis means?
With which statement would the author most likely agree?
The Inca defi nitely farmed on Machu Picchu.
Machu Picchu has nothing more to tell scientists.
There is still much uncertainty about Machu Picchu.
Machu Picchu was the most beautiful Inca settlement.
Read this excerpt from the article.

A series of ladders allowed residents to move from level to level. To keep out intruders, the residents simply removed the ladders. What does intruders mean in the excerpt above?
peskey animals
nosy neighbors
family members
unwanted visitors
With which statement about the Pueblo peoples would the author most likely agree?
They had difficulty protecting their homes.
Hunting was not their main source of food.
They did not need to work hard to build their homes.
They should have found better places to build their homes.
Read this excerpt from the article.

Unlike Machu Picchu buildings and adobe pueblos, igloos are built without partitions. Sometimes, a seal skin may be hung to make separate rooms for privacy.

What does partitions mean in the excerpt above?
open doors
huge stones
adobe bricks
divided walls
The author most likely believes that the life of the modern Inuit
is the same that of the traditional Inuit.
is less difficult than that of the traditional Inuit.
includes more problems than that the traditional Inuit.
includes a different environment than that of the traditional Inuit.
Read this excerpt from the article.

The Incas, Pueblo peoples, and Inuit had to be industrious to build their homes and secure food to eat. They kept very busy just doing the things they needed to in order to survive.

What does industrious mean in the excerpt above?
Read this excerpt from the article.

We live where the sun shines nearly every day and where the sun does not show its face for months at a time.

Why does the author make the sun seem human?
to show that the environment can seem cruel
to suggest that the sun chooses when it will shine
to show that some environments are very extreme
to suggest that some cultures see the sun as a person
What is the main idea of this article?
Cultures develop and are shaped by their environments.
People do not have any relationship to their environment.
Cultures last longer in cold environments than in warm ones.
People cannot survive for very long in extreme environments.
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