Winn-Dixie Ch. 1-2
| 10 Questions
Read this sentence from the story.

I walked into the produce section of Winn-Dixie grocery store to pick out my two tomatoes and I almost bumped right into the store manager.

Which sentence uses the word produce the SAME way it is used in the sentence above?
A. Our chickens produce eggs for the market.
B. The factory produces car parts.
C. My mom bought fresh produce at the store.
D. The class produced a play about forest life.
Which word has almost the SAME meaning as the word concerned?
A. connected
B. troubled
C. comfortable
D. conclusion
Read the sentence below.

Before I was born, he was a missionary in India and that is how I got my first name.

What does the word missionary mean as used in the sentence above?
A. A person who builds churches
B. A person who runs a grocery store
C. A person who traveles to spread the word of God
D. A person who likes to travel
What happens AFTER the manager told somebody to call the pound?
A. The dog continued licking the manager's face.
B. The dog wagged his tail so hard that he knocked some oranges off a display.
C. All the Winn-Dixie employees were running around waving their arms.
D. The dog came to Opal when he heard "Here, Winn-Dixie."
Which words BEST describes India Opal Buloni?
A. Annoyed
B. Disappointed
C. Out Going
D. Caring
What causes Opal to tell the store manager that the dog belonged to her?
A. She has always wanted a dog.
B. She was afraid the manager would call the dog pound.
C. She thought the dog looked like her neighbor's sog and she wanted to return it.
D. She thought the dog was cute when he pulled back his lips and showed all of his teeth.
Why does the author compare Opal's father to a turtle?
A. To show Opal's father is hard headed like a turtle's shell.
B. To show Opal's father was barely paying attention to what Opal had to say.
C. To show that Opal's father only likes turtles.
D. To show that Opal's father does not like dogs and won't care for one.
What does the grocery store manager MOST LIKELY do once Opal and the dog leave the store?
A. Fires the worker who let the dog inside
B. Help clean up the store
C. Goes to the doctor to have his injuries treated
D. Goes to the pet store to buy a dog
What does the preacher say FIRST when Opal asks him about keeping Winn-Dixie?
A. He says they can keep Winn-Dixie until someone from church agrees to take him.
B. He tells Opal that she does not need a dog and they can't keep him.
C. He tells Winn-Dixie that he has found a home with them.
D. He tells Opal he's too busy to talk to her.
What senetence best shows why the preacher agrees to keep Winn-Dixie?
A. "He's a stray if I've ever seen one. And a less fortunate, too."
B. "Opal, what are you talking about?"
C. "Well, I guess you've found a home."
D. "What did you call this dog?"
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