Relative Pronouns and Adverbs
by Elementary Literacy Curriculum Administrator
| 7 Questions
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Read the passage and then answer the questions below. There are five underlined words or phrases in the passage to show which word or phrase may be incorrect.
Now answer the questions below. Choose the correct word or phrase for each of the following.
1 pt
Soccer is the kind of sport that requires lots of skill.
A who
B why
C whom
D correct as is
1 pt
For example, people which want to play usually begin learning the sport as young children.
A who
B whom
C that
D correct as is
1 pt
Why they first begin, they play many games which develop the skills needed to be successful later on.
A Where
B How
C When
D correct as is
1 pt
Furthermore, practice should occur daily, that typically lasts between one and two hours.
A who
B which
C when
D correct as is
1 pt
When children begin playing soccer at a young age and practice for the required amount of time, they will be ready to take on any position on the field.
A Why
B Which
C That
D correct as is
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