Ruby Bridges MGA due 1.11.19
by Brandi Baka
| 10 Questions
Note from the author:
Ruby Bridges article and questionnaire by
1 pt
How did Ruby Bridges get to school?
A She walked down the street.
B She rode the school bus.
C She was driven by federal marshalls.
1 pt
Why was it dangerous for Ruby to go to school?
A The school was in a dangerous part of town.
B Many people did not want her to attend school with white children.
C Her bus driver did not drive safely.
1 pt
True or false? Ruby's school was in Little Rock, Arkansas.
A True.
B False.
1 pt
True or false? Mrs. Henry was Ruby's teacher.
A True.
B False.
1 pt
A ____________ is a large crowd of people who want to cause trouble.
A marshall
B mob
C boycott
1 pt
____________ are government workers who make sure people follow the law.
A Marshalls
B Mobs
C Boycotts
1 pt
_______________ means to allow people of all races to attend the same school.
A Mob
B Integrate
C Boycott
1 pt
___________ means to make a statement about one's beliefs by refusing to deal with a group or business.
A Marshall
B Integrate
C Boycott
1 pt
What is the main idea of this article?
A Ruby Bridges went to William Frantz Elementary when she was in first grade.
B Ruby Bridges had a kind teacher named Mrs. Henry.
C Ruby Bridges helped make it possible for children of all races to attend school together.
1 pt
How is life different from when Ruby Bridges was in first grade?
A Children of all races can go to school together.
B Children can go to school or be homeschooled.
C Marshalls and police officers protect people.
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