Teenager Shows Grit
by Heidi Broughton
| 4 Questions
According to the audio story, De Leon has “grit.” What evidence best supports that claim?
A De Leon moved to the United States by herself and accepted help from the guidance counselor and principal in order to graduate.
B De Leon had records of good academic achievement in Puerto Rico.
C De Leon communicated regularly with her family and friends in Puerto Rico.
D De Leon passed the requirements for Massachusetts graduation.
What is the most significant reason that almost caused De Leon to drop out?
A The hurricane destroyed her high school in Puerto Rico.
B De Leon did not have the resources necessary to start school on the first day.
C De Leon was “juggling family issues and society issues” and left behind several close relationships in Puerto Rico which caused her to hate school.
D De Leon moved from school to school once she came to the United States.
How did she overcome the challenge that nearly made her drop out?
A Some graduation requirements were waived for De Leon.
B De Leon’s principal reminded her of her academic success and encouraged her to graduate.
C Her dream of majoring in media production became stronger.
D Friends and family encouraged De Leon to graduate.
According to the audio story, how is the school system dealing with the influx of hurricane evacuees?
A The school system is building bigger schools.
B The school system is not letting the hurricane evacuees enroll in their schools.
C The school system has no plans in place to deal with the influx of evacuees.
D The school system understands that families may come and go from school to school and is flexible in the needs of those families.
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