Q2_Digital Media_Genius Hour Project...What's Your Plan?
by Allison Finkleman
| 5 Questions
What program are you going to use to create something or what skill are you going to be working to improve?
PIXLR Editor - photography and photo editing
Beautiful Audio Editor - mixing music or other audio
iMovie - filming and editing a short film
Programming - Code Combat, code.org, Tynker, Scratch, etc.
*other - please describe in the space below
*Program not listed above? Please describe what you program/software/app you plan to use.
(If yours was listed, you can skip or put N/A.)
What's your goal for Genius Hour? In the space below, please describe in detail your plan. You should include in your plan 1) what skill(s) you will be working to improve and 2) what you will share with the class as your final product. All work for Genius Hour should be done in class, and you will have approximately 5 days to work on this project.
In order to accomplish your goal for Genius Hour, what materials and/or assistance will you need?
What questions do you have?
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