Mandela's Long Walk to Freedom Follow Up Questions
by Ramona Morris
| 10 Questions
Note from the author:
For Mrs. Morris' SS class
1 pt
What did you learn about apartheid? What effects did apartheid have on people in general?
1 pt
What are some things that Nelson Mandela did that you thought were really great?
1 pt
What are some things that Nelson Mandela did that you did not agree with?
1 pt
What do you think Nelson Mandela's most difficult sacrifice was?
1 pt
If you had been in South Africa during apartheid, what do you think you would have participated in? What would you definitly NOT participated in?
1 pt
Take a stand. (No judgement ;) Do you agree or disagree with Winnie's encouragement of violence? Why?
1 pt
We see Winnie and Nelson become very different people in the end, yet they still shared a similar vision for the people of South Africa. Who do you most closely identify with and why?
1 pt
What was your favorite part of the movie?
1 pt
Describe something in the movie that made you respond emotionally.
1 pt
How many stars (0-5)would you rate this movie and why? (0=worst ever-it should die 5=omg i cant stop talking about how wonderful and impactful it was).
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