PREtest Area and Perimeter
by Nhung Nguyen
| 15 Questions
Note from the author:
3rd Grade Area and Perimeter Test ( Mix of DSD Advantage and Zearn)
1 pt
Choose the multiplication EXPRESSION that represent the partitioned area.

A (5+6) + (5+3)
B (5x6) + (5x3)
C (5x6) x (5x3)
D (5x6) + (5x3) = 45
1 pt
Draw a rectilinear shape with an area of 20 square units. Use the rectangle tool.
1 pt
Draw a rectilinear shape with a perimeter of 20. Use the rectangle tool.
1 pt
Label the rectangle’s missing lengths.
1 pt
What is the PERIMETER of this rectangle?

A 22 cm
B 28 cm
C 22 cm squares
D 28 cm squares
1 pt
What is the AREA of this rectangle?

A 22 cm
B 28 cm
C 22 cm squares
D 28 cm squares
1 pt
The perimeter is 57 inches. What is the length of the missing side?

A 7 in
B 8 in
C 9 in
D 10 in
2 pts
Label the missing side lengths. Find the Perimeter. (3.MD.8)
3 pts
Create three rectangles with different side lengths using 12 unit squares. Use the rectangle tool.
1 pt
The area of a rectangle is 40 square units. One side has a length of 5 units. Label the side lengths of your rectangle.
1 pt
What multiplication equation can you use to find the area of this rectangle?

A 6x2=12
B 6+8=48
C 6x8=48
D (6x2) +(8x2)=28
1 pt
Half of the rectangle below has been tiled with unit squares. How many more unit squares are needed to fill in the rest of the rectangle?

1 pt
What is the total area of the rectangle?

A 16 unit squares
B 32 unit
C 16 unit
D 32 unit squares
1 pt
Find the AREA for House A and House B.
1 pt
Which house has the GREATER area?

House A
House B
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