Grade 4: Capitalization
by Alexandra Adams
| 7 Questions
Note from the author:
First Name:
1 pt
Last Name:
Read the passage and then answer numbers 1 through 5. There are five underlined words or phrases in the passage to show which word or phrase may be incorrect.
1 pt
Our teacher, ms. jackson is our reading teacher.
A ms. Jackson
B Ms. jackson
C Ms. Jackson
D correct as is
1 pt
She likes reading us books written by Kate DiCamillo.
A kate dicamillo
B kate DiCamillo
C Kate dicamillo
D correct as is
1 pt
My favorite book so far has been The Miraculous Journey of edward tulane.
A the miraculous journey of edward tulane
B the Miraculous journey of Edward tulane
C The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
D correct as is
1 pt
In this book, Edward tulane is a bunny that lives on Egypt Street in a large house with his owner Abiline.
A Edward Tulane
B edward tulane
C edward Tulane
D correct as is
1 pt
Abiline bought Edward one saturday from a doll shop for her daughter.
A saturDay
B SATurday
C Saturday
D correct as is
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