Humanities Quiz
by Jana Kishishta
| 9 Questions
Note from the author:
SS7H2 a.
1 pt
What continent was most of the Ottoman Empire apart of in 1914?
A Europe
B Southwest Asia
C Africa
D Northeast Asia
1 pt
What religion played a major role in shaping the Ottoman Empire's culture?
A Christianity
B Judaism
C Buddhism
D Islam
1 pt
Which of the following is an example of Anti-Semitism?
A Breakup of the Ottoman Empire
B Creation of Israel
C Isis
D Holocaust
1 pt
What led to the division of Islam into 2 main groups?
A Disagreement over where Muhammad would be buried
B Muhammad exclaimed that two is better than one
C Disagreement over who would lead Islam after Muhammad died
D The Sunnis wanted more land than the Shia
1 pt
Where was the Ottoman Empire located?
A Asia
B Europe
C Middle East
D Africa
1 pt
What caused the end of the Ottoman Empire?
A Spent too much money in WWI and went bankrupt
B Overthrown because of corruption
C On the losing side of WWI
D Lost war with the Roman Empire & converted to Catholicism 
1 pt
Who drew up the new country borders after the fall of the Ottoman Empire?
A Romans
B Ottomans
C Europeans
D United States
1 pt
What did the new country borders NOT pay attention to?
A Who the leaders were
B Ethnic and religious groups
C Who won the war

1 pt
What is Zionism?
A Belief Germans have the right to kill Jews
B Belief Jews deserve to go back to their homeland in Israel
C Belief Arabs have claim to Palestine
D Belief Jews could move anywhere in the world freely
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