Quiz 4.1-4.5
by Kate Keller
| 10 Questions
1 pt
Select the answer that shows the equation of the line in SLOPE INTERCEPT form. Resource: 4.2 notes.

1 pt
Select the equation of the same line in POINT-SLOPE form. Rescource: 4.2 notes.

1 pt
Write the equation of the line in STANDARD FORM. Resource: 4.2 notes.
The equation in slope-intercept form is:

1 pt
Which point is on the inverse of this function? Resource: 4.4 notes
(9, 1)
(-4, 1)
(-1, -3
1 pt
What are the two main steps of finding an inverse of a function? Resource: 4.5 notes.
Cancel out y
Swap x and y
Solve for y
Combine like terms
1 pt
Find the inverse of the equation below. Resource: 4.5 notes.

1 pt
Find the inverse of the equation below.

1 pt
Explain how you know the functions below are inverses of each other based on the graphs AND the equations. Use complete sentences to justify your answer. Resource: notes 4.4-4.5.

1 pt
You made it. What questions do you have for Ms. Evans or Ms. Keller?
1 pt
The ninth grade teachers are on Survivor. Who is the first to get kicked off the island? (The team kicks off one person at a time until there's one "Survivor".)

Why? Be detailed and use evidence to support your answer.

When you finish answering, you are finished with the quiz.
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