Osiris Rex 11/29/18
by John Kunishima
| 7 Questions
Note from the author:
A web scavenger hunt for the OSIRIS Rex mission that will reach asteroid Bennu on Dec. 3, 2018.
3 pts
Write a 3 sentence summary of the video.
Click the link for the web site for the OSIRIS REX mission. Explore as much of the web site to learn everything you can about the mission and its purpose and how it will accomplish it's goals.
4 pts
Write what the purpose of the OSIRIS REX mission is.
8 pts
Make a flow map of the timeline of the mission. You may write on paper and upload it or use the tools in Go Formative.
5 pts
Explain what Bennu is and why it is important for us to study it.
20 pts
List the instruments for OSIRIS REX and a little about each one. (10 at least.)
5 pts
In the Asteroid operations section. Explain what TAG is and how it will accomplish its goals.
5 pts
Click the Video section of the web site. Choose one of the videos and write a summary. (5 sentences min.)
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