Walk Two Moons Ch. 21-29
by Leanne Fielhauer
| 10 Questions
What does Phoebe tell her friends at school after her mother leaves?
the truth
that her mother is on business trip
that her mother is sick
she does not tell them anything
What did Sal worry about after the death of her baby sister?
She was worried that she was responsible for the baby's death
She was afraid she would also die
She was afraid her mother would die
She was afraid her mother wouldn't loves her anymore
What evidence was left behind to prove that Mrs. Winterbottom was NOT kidnapped:
Food put in containers in the freezer
letters to each person in the family
she baked an apple pie and put it on the table
all of the above
Why is Phoebe a bad friend to Sal in chapters 19-24?
She is tired of spending so much time with Sal.
She is worried that Mrs. Cadaver will chop up Sal's father and she will lose Sal as a friend.
She is worried about where her mother went.
She is sick and is worried she might have cancer.
On the night Phoebe stays at Sal's house, why doesn't Sal comfort Phoebe when she is crying?
Because she is angry at Phoebe and wants her to suffer
Her father comes in and talks to her
She understands that Phoebe wants to be alone with her sadness
Because Sal is afraid she will begin to cry about her own mother if she talks to Phoebe
What was inside of Pandora's box
all the good things of earth and worry buried at the bottom
a woman sent as a gift to mankind
a woman sent as a punishment to mankind
all the bad things of earth and hope buried at the bottom
What did Phoebe do at the Finney dinner table?
she threw an absolute fit
She kicked Ben for trying to kiss Salamanca
She would not eat anything except muesli
She did not do or say anything
What happened when Salamanca and Phoebe went to the police station?
The sergeant began a report to search for the lunatic.
The sergeant became suspicious of them and arrested them instead.
The sergeant took the evidence for further testing.
The sergeant called Mr. Winterbottom to pick the girls up.
What is Sal's fathers response when Sal tells him about Phoebe's mother?answer choices
He tells her that people usually come home.
That Mrs. Winterbottom will enjoy her short time away from her family.
That he feels sorry for Phoebe's father.
That Prudence and Phoebe drover their mother away.
What does this mean?
"You can't keep the birds of sadness form flying over your head, but you can keep hem from nesting in your hair. "
It is okay to be sad about certain things when they come to our mind, but we can't dwell on them allowing those thoughts to live in our minds causing us to be sad all of the time.
Every person has his or her own life to live, and we only live once.
You should not judge a person until you understand his or her situation by seeing things from his or her perspective.
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