Walk Two Moons Ch. 16-20
by Leanne Fielhauer
| 10 Questions
Note from the author:
Walk Two Moons Ch. 16-20 Comprehension Check
Sal's dad doesn't wear work gloves because:
He likes to touch the dirt and animals
Gloves hurt his hands
Sal's mom didn't like them
He lost his gloves
Why is it turning point in their relationship when Ben read Sal's palm?
He finds out more about her
She does not flinch when he touches her
She learns he is part of her future
Phoebe becomes jealous
In ch. 16 Sal imagines hearing whispers telling her to "slow down" when she is driving with her grandparents. What reason does she give for this.
She doesn't want to end her trip with her grandparents
She is beginning to dread coming face to face with her mom
She has to go to the bathroom
Her grandpa is driving too fast.
Why is Sal okay with her father feeling sad?
He is ususally too happy
She knows it is natural to feel different emotions
She knows he is remembering her mother
He ignors her and she can do whatever she wants
What attacks Gram at the end of Ch. 15
a bear
a mosquito
a snake
a piranha
Why does Mrs. Winterbottom sniffle and cry so much?
She is allergic to their dog
She is worried about Prudence
She feels that she leads an insignificant life
She suspects that her husband wants to divorce her
Which answer best explains the meaning of the following quote from the book:
"In the course of a lifetime, what does it matter?"
Our lives will be full of problems, and none of them matter
Nothing should ever matter
Our lifetimes do not matter
We should look at each problem or situation and ask ourselves how much it will matter in 20, 30, or even 50 years, so that we don't worry about small, insignificant things that are not really that important.
Which answer best describes why Sal doesn't like Margaret Cadaver?
Her name means "dead body."
Her voice is like dead leaves scratching around.
She might replace Sal's mom.
She killed her own husband.
Why does Sal kiss trees?
She likes the taste
Because she saw her mother kiss trees out of love for the earth, and Sal feels the same love
She needs practice
Because she thinks her lips leave a dark purple mark on the tree
Sal remembered the last time that she spent with her mother before she went away. Name all the things that Sal did that day.
Sal told her she would go outside later.
Sal helped her mother to make brownies.
Sal yelled at her that she didn't want to go outside.
Sal cleaned up the kitchen for her.
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