SMS Alg Choose 3/4 Slope Qs
by Malia Rivera
| 7 Questions
Choose 3 of the 4 questions below. Show your work in the boxes provide.
What is the slope of the line that crosses through the points (1, -3) and (-4, 3)? Clearly mark your answer.
1 pt
Type the slope that you got for #1. JUST THE NUMBER.
A line has a slope of -2/3 and crosses thorugh the points (2, 4) and (x, 6). Solve for the unknown value. Clearly mark your answer.
1 pt
Type the missing value you got for #3. JUST THE NUMBER.
Find the rate of change in cost with respect to time. Show your work in the boxes provided.
Don't forget units!
1 pt
Type the rate of change for #5 here. Don't forget the units!
1 pt
What is the rate of change of the bus during hours 3 and 4 of the bus ride. Don't forget units!
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