12.6 Magnets TOTD
by Brandi Baka
| 5 Questions
Note from the author:
S1P2.Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to demonstrate the effects of magnets on other magnets and other objects.​

What Are Magnets?

A magnet is something that can attract certain metals. It has an invisible force that pulls the metals to itself. This force is called magnetism. Magnets have many uses. They can stick things on, hold things together, and make machines work. Magnets come in different shapes. They can be bar magnets, horseshoe magnets, or ring magnets. A magnet has two ends. These are called the magnet’s poles.  One is called the north pole and the other is called the south pole. The earth is like a giant magnet, with a north and south pole. That’s why people can use a compass to tell which direction they’re going in. The compass has a magnet that is attracted to the north pole. The beautiful Northern Lights and Southern Lights are caused by the earth’s magnetic field. 
1. Identify the correct statement.
A A magnet has two poles, the north pole and the south pole.
B A magnet has two poles, the west pole and the east pole.
C A magnet has one pole, the north pole.
D None of the above.
2. Which set of answers lists types of magnets?
A horseshoe, disc, bar
B aluminum, copper, iron
C plastic, rubber, glass
D None of the above.
3. Which toy would a magnet attract?
A a teddy bear
B a metallic robot
C rubber duck
D None of the above.
4. What happens when a paper disc with a magnetized needle is placed in the water?​
A the circle sinks
B the circle spins and spins and doesn't stop
C the circle spins around until the needle is pointing north
D None of the above.
5. Magnet poles that are different will ________ one another.
A attract
B repel
C None of the above.
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