Main Idea Assignment
by Lacy Adams
| 6 Questions
Note from the author:
Main Idea
Okapi are unusual animals. They look a little like giraffes. They have striped legs and very long tongues. An okapi's tongue is so long it can wash its own ears! Okapi use their tongues to reach and grab the tops of plants and trees.
What is the main idea of this story?
A Okapi are unusual animals.
B Okapi have striped legs.
C Okapi can wash their own ears.
D Okapi look like giraffes.
Which would make the BEST title for this story?
A "Tall Animals"
B "Okapi"
C "Animals and Their Tongues"
D "How to Eat Plants and Trees"
Do you know what a stinking goddes is? A stinking goddess is a snake. It is a constrictor, which means it wraps itself around its prey and squeezes them to death. Then the snake will swallow its victim whole.
Why is a stinking goddess called a stinking goddess? Try to guess. This snake smells really bad when you pick it up. If you touch a stinking goddess, the snake really does stink!
Another name for a stinking goddes is a king rat snake. Stinking goddesses can be found in China, North Vietnam, and Taiwan. They like to live in the jungle and in forests. When they are born, baby stinking goddesses are a drab green color, but the adult stinking goddess's skin has a beautiful black and yellow pattern. Their scales are very rough.
A stinking goddess will eat anything it can get its body around, including other stinking goddesses. Sometimes a mother stinking goddess will even et her own eggs before they can hatch. These snakes like to eat mice and rats, birds and bird eggs, and other snakes too.
Be careful if you decide to keep a stinking goddess as a pet. If not watched closely, stinking goddesses are known to eat every otehr pet in the house.
Which of these sentences from the selection is a supporting detail?
A Do you know what a stinking goddess is?
B Be careful if you decide to keep a stinking goddess as a pet.
C This snake smells really bad.
D Why is a stinking goddess called a stinking goddess?
This story is mostly about...
A all constrictor snakes.
B snakes that eat their young.
C life in China.
D as snake the reader probably does not know much about.
Which is NOT an important supporting detail?
A Stinking goddesses are constrictors.
B Stinking goddesses move on the ground.
C Stinking goddesses can be dangerous to other animals.
D Stinking goddesses are black and yellow.
What would be the BEST title for this story?
A "Snakes and Their Eggs"
B "Keeping Snakes as Pets"
C "Stinking Goddesses"
D "Constrictors!"
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