Seasick Comprehension
by Crystal Starr
| 10 Questions
If the passage were written from Kaitlyn's point of view, what important detail would the rader know right away?
Jill is lonely
Kaitlyn enjoys reading
Jill recently moved from Florida
Kaitlyn recently moved from Florida
Read this excertp from paragraph 4.

However, she had a feeling that she was not Kaitlyn's first choice for a seatmate. Nonetheless, here she was, sitting beside Kaitlyn.

The word nonetheless is used as a transistion word in the excerpt above. Using the sentence context, what does nonetheless mean?
in addition
because of
despite that
Read these sentences from paragraph 5.

They had sat next to each other on the school bus all week, but Kaitlyn hadn't said much of anything to Jill--or anyone else. Instead, Kaitlyn had been preoccupied with her book.

Think about sentence context, word order, and grammar clues. What does preoccupied mean?
It is a noun because preoccupied is something that belongs to Kaitlyn.
It is a verb because preoccupied is how Kaitlyn is behaving.
It is an adverb because preoccupied tells where Kaitlyn is reading.
It is an adjective because preoccupied describes Kaitlyn's book.
What is the theme of this passage?
Friends are friends only as long as they are together.
Seashells bring back happy and sad memories.
People become friends when they have things in common.
People who are outgoing don't have trouble making friends.
Read this excerpt from paragraph 5.

After a couple of days, Jill wondered if Kaitlyn might actually be shy too. At least then, they would have something in common besides riding that bus!

How does the excerpt above support the theme?
by showing how finding similarities may lead to friendship.
by showing how easy it is to share things
by showing how daydreaming helps to pass the time.
by showing that shy people are always quiet.
Which paragraph best supports the theme of the passage?
1 Jill walked slowly to the school bus stop where four other kids were already standing. She was headed for another long, confusing day of sixth grade at her new middle school. After waiting at the same bus stop for the past week, she knew only two of their names. Kaitlyn was the tall seventh grader. Peter was the boy with curly hair—who was winking at her? No, he was just rubbing his eye, so he must have had dust or something in it.
3 As Jill waited, she shivered in the wind, which was nothing like the soft breezes she left behind in St. Augustine, Florida. Why couldn't her dad find a new job someplace warm and near the ocean—preferably in St. Augustine?
7 As Jill admired the delicate shell, she wondered if it still smelled like the ocean. As she brought the shell up to her nose, Kaitlyn suddenly turned and asked, "What is that?"
18 ​"I have more seashells at home," Jill told her, "if you'd like to see them." Kaitlyn turned back to Jill and smiled softly. Jill finally felt the warmth she had been missing.
Read this sentence from paragraph 4.

The seats were assigned, which was advantageous for Jill.

The suffix -ous means "full of". Why did Jill most likely thing assigned seats were advantageous for her?

The bus is never crowded
Kaitlyn wants to sit by herself
Jill prefers to sit in the back row of the bus
Jill didn't have to find someone new to sit by each day.
Reread​ ​paragraph​ ​17.
“About three months," the older girl answered, "three long months. I really miss the ocean and the beaches and…" Kaitlyn turned her head and stared out the bus window, but Jill had heard the desperation in her voice.
Based​ ​on​ ​context​ ​and​ ​grammar​ ​clues,​ ​what​ ​does​ ​desperation​ ​mean?
Read​ ​this​ ​excerpt​ ​from​ ​paragraph​ ​5.

After a couple of days, Jill wondered if Kaitlyn might be shy, too. At least then, they would have something in common besides riding that bus! But that was probably just an illusion rather than reality.

Based​ ​on​ ​context​ ​and​ ​grammar​ ​clues,​ ​what​ ​does​ ​illusion​ ​mean?
What message about life does the passage tell?
A. Middle school students can be mean.
B. People only enjoy moving if it is to a warmer place.
C. It often takes time to make new friends.
D. Your first friend will always be your best friend.
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