A Poison Tree & The Roof of Leaves by Katie Rhodes
by Katie Roberts
| 5 Questions
1) Read both the poem & the story prior to doing any of the writing tasks. You may take notes on your own paper looking for common themes and/or elements of writing that each other uses.
2) Answer the multiple choice questions in the margin next to The Roof of Leaves
3) Since we have already done the group task for A Poison Tree, you do NOT have to repeat those.
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These questions do NOT follow the order of the story.
#1 Part A: Which statement best expresses the theme of the story
A.) People often act out without thinking when they are angry.
B.) One can repair a broken relationship by offering kindness and forgiveness.
C.) It is difficult for people to move on from being hurt by the one they love.
D.) Sometimes small lies can help resolve problems, rather than make them worse.
#2 Part B: Which detail from the text best supports the answer to part A above?
A.) "They forgot that they were in love. They forgot that they were happy. The husband got so angry that he ran out of their house"(paragraph 2).
B.) "He didn't want to divorce his wife. Now that his anger was leaving him, he couldn't even remember why they had argued" (paragraph 7).
C.) "They knew the two of them loved each other. All the neighbors wanted to say something, but it was not to come between a man and his wife" (paragraph 9).
D.) "Without waiting to see if he was doing what she said, she began to gather up the fallen leaves. The husband stood there for a moment , confused, and then he began to smile and collect the leaves with his wife" (paragraph 14).
#3 How does paragraph 5 contribute to the development of ideas in the story?
A.) It shows how often someone gets upset in a close relationship.
B.) It shows how some people have very little control over their emotions.
C.) It shows how strong people's emotions can be, whether they are good or bad.
D.) It shows how it is possible to see someone's good qualities even in a moment of anger.
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#4 How does the husband and wife's fight affect the rest of the village?
A.) It causes the villagers to lose faith in traditions around marriage.
B.) It reminds the couples in the village that all relationships encounter obstacles.
C.) It encourages each couple to work together to take care of their home and relationship.
D.) It reminds the villagers that taking care of their home is more important than taking care of their relationship.
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Constructed Response Answer Based off of Paired Texts

The speaker in the poem A Poison Tree and the husband & wife in The Roof of Leaves express similar life lessons. What is the theme these two passages share?

Even though both passages share a similar theme, explain how each text handles this theme differently.

Be sure to cite text evidence to support your key points. Please refer to the text by title when including your evidence.

Use MA'AM to construct your answer= 4 pts

1 pt for turning the question into a statement & adding the "theme" to the answer
1 pt for citing evidence & explaining your claim for The Roof of Leaves
1 pt for citing evidence & explaining your claim for A Poison Tree
1 pt for showing how each passage handles the theme differently

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