Politics in Perú nowadays
by Juan Marco Carbajal Loayza
| 20 Questions
1 pt
How is Peru's Political Status right now?
Like hell
Piece of heaven
Everything is fine
1 pt
How is Peru's Political Status right now?
Like hell
Piece of heaven
Everything is fine
1 pt
Are the people who defend Fujimorismo intelligent people?
No way!
Hell no!
I'm a Fujimorista myself and I think this is offensive (go to question 8)
1 pt
Is the Fujimorismo a serious political party or a criminal organization?
A criminal organization worst than the Italian mob
A criminal organization worst than Cartel of Juarez
A criminal organization worst than Al Capone's organization
A criminal organization that makes money laundry disguised as a political party.
1 pt
What do you think is the worst thing about the "Fujimorismo"?

1 pt
The "Fujimorismo" is a political party that wants the Peru to Progress without putting their personal interests before the People's.
1 pt
Is the APRA now allied with the Fujimorismo? Why is it?
1 pt
Is Alan García Pérez, Ex President of Perú a correct and an inmaculated person?
Haha! Good one!
You gotta be joking!
For real bro?
Yes He is, He is one of the best Presidents, Perú had. (go to question 8)
1 pt
What event or uncover caused the current political status in Peru?
CNM Audios
PPK bought Congressmen, so He could have keep his Presidential Chair.
It is something We always had as a country, therefore it was rotten since 80s, 90s
Actually, I don't know.
I don't really care, I don't know what am I doing here.
1 pt
What was the problem with the CNM Audios?

1 pt
Why PPK wanted to buy Congressmen votes?

1 pt
How were Peruvian Politics back in 80s and 90s?

1 pt
Who were the ones who uncover the big corruption cases inside the Poder Judicial and CNM?
Gustavo Gorriti de IDL reporteros
Rossana Cueva de Panorama
The actual useful Congress, We all enjoy and love
Themselves surrendered to justice
1 pt
How did they discover the Corruption inside the Poder Judicial and CNM?
They were looking for narcotraffic clues about a gang in Callao port
They were phone-bugging all the Judges cellphones
The was several events about some killings and drug dealing that was being entered through Callao Port
It is all a psychosocial and it's fake news
1 pt
What do you think aboout phone bugging? Is it an ethical practice?

1 pt
Do you agree with practices like Phone Bugging and effective contributors for justice? (The end justify the means)
I don't know
1 pt
What did the President Vizcarra did after all these several events?
Hid as a coward
Called for a Plebiscite that could fix some Constitutional Problems regarding this events
Aligned with the corruption, and covered everything, calling it a Psychosocial
Just warmed his seat and did nothing
1 pt
What are the Referendum Questions?
Do you agree with the new CNM System, called Junta Nacional de Justicia?
Do you agree with the "No Congressmen Reelection"?
Do you agree with the law regarding political parties financiation?
Do you want the country to go Back to the Bicameral Congress?
All of the above
1 pt
Do you think the December 9th Plebiscite/Referendum is going to fix the current political status?
Yes, it's a magical fix that will solve everything
No, it's only a waste of time
No, the People should'nt control their destiny
No, but it's a start, and a good one to fix all these years of corruption.
1 pt
How are you going to vote on December 9th?
Voy a viciar mi voto, no me importa mi país.
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