Black Ships Before Troy
| 7 Questions
Who leaves the golden apple at the wedding of Peleus and Thetis?
A Eris, the goddess of discord
B Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty
C Hera, the wife of Zeus
D Athene, the goddess of wisdom
Paris gives the golden apple to Aphrodite after she promises him
A great wealth, power, and honor.
B supreme wisdom.
C a wife as fair as herself.
D that he will be king of Troy.
Who is the woman that Aphrodite gives Paris?
A Oenone, a wood nymph and healer
B Thetis of the Silver Feet
C Princess Helen, wife of King Menelaus of Sparta
D Hecuba, wife of Priam
When Menelaus learns that Helen has left with Paris,
A he dies of grief and anger.
B he summons all Helen’s suitors to fight for him.
C he asks Zeus to help him find Paris and Helen.
D he calls for help to his brother, the High King Agamemnon.
Why must Agamemnon return Chryseis to her father?
A to stop Athene and Aphrodite from quarreling
B to win back Helen of Troy for King Menelaus
C so that he can take Briseis from Achilles
D to end the pestilence that is killing the Greek army
What is the theme of this myth?
A Wisdom is more important than beauty.
B Warriors must be brave.
C Patience is important.
D One's fate can not be changed. Patience is important. Warriors must be brave. Wisdom is more important than beauty.
On your paper answer one of the following questions using the YES MA'AM / RACE guidelines.

What terrible thing do King Priam and Queen Hecuba do to their son, Paris, and why? Support your reponse with text evidence.

Explain who says, "Short life and long fame for me." when it is said, and what it means. Elaborate on your understanding of the meaning of the quote.
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