5.4 Word Problems #2
by Amanda Mattox
| 5 Questions
Cole and Brandon rode their bikes every day for three days.
· Cole rode 89 miles.
· Brandon rode 35 more miles that Cole.
How many miles did Cole and Brandon ride?
Mrs. Mattox bought boxes of pencils. She bought 45 boxes and each box contained the same number of pencils. If Mrs. Mattox has 2,160 pencils, how many pencils were in each box?
Nava was delivering boxes of girl scout cookies to different schools and businesses. She had 14 boxes in her car. Each box contained 24 packages of cookies. She delivered 4 boxes to Grandin Court. How many packages of cookies does she have left?
The 5th grade class sold candles to raise money for their field trip.
· They sold 250 large candles that cost $3 each.
· The small candles were $2 each.
· They sold twice as many large candles as small candles.
How much money did they make?
Eva likes to play with blocks.
· She has 105 red blocks.
· She has 10 more red blocks than blue blocks.
· She has 30 more red blocks than yellow blocks.
How many total blocks does she have?
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