5.4 Word Problems #1
by Amanda Mattox
| 5 Questions
Mrs. Mattox and Mrs. Gray spent the summer at the pool swimming.
· Mrs. Mattox swam 73 hours.
· Mrs. Gray swam 32 more hours than Mrs. Mattox.
How many total hours did Mrs. Mattox and Mrs. Gray swim?
Cole bought packages of baseball cards. He bought 25 packages and each package contained the same number of cards. If Cole has 750 baseball cards, how many cards were in each package?
Mr. Miller bought 7 packages of golf balls. There were 12 balls in each package. He gave his friend 2 packages. How many golf balls did Mr. Miller have left?
Cole sold tickets to the football game.
· He sold 126 adult tickets that cost $5 each.
· Tickets for the children cost $3 each.
· Cole sold twice as many adult tickets as children tickets.
How much money did Cole make from selling tickets?
The 5th grade sold Grandin Court T shirts.
· They sold 127 medium shirts.
· They sold 85 more medium shirts than large shirts.
· They sold 15 more medium shirts than small shirts.
How many total shirts did they sell?
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