DOL 11/7-11/8 WG15
by John Zomer
| 4 Questions
1 pt
Which type of government allows the greatest participation by ordinary citizens in the process of government decision making?
1 pt
In which example does nationalism clearly affect public policy?
European countries signed the Maastrich Treaty to creat the European Union
Countries around the world donated relief aid when a tsunami struck Indonesia and Thailand
British citizens refused to join other European nations in adopting the Euro so that they could continue to use their traditional currency, the pound
Texas now mandates that an End-of-Course test be given in world geography
1 pt
What point of view is expressed in this announcement?
Iran has the right to develop nuclear energy for peaceful uses
Iran has the right to develop nuclear weapons for its defense
Turkey and Brazil will sell nuclear weapons to Iran
The nuclear non-proliferation treaty should be overturned
1 pt
At a town meeting, the mayor has presented several ways the town could provide childcare to families in which both parents work. What should the participants at the meeting do next?
Hold elections for a new mayor
Evaluate how well the mayor's proposals work
Implement each of the ways to see which one works best
Consider the costs and benefits of each way before choosing one
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