American Revolution
by Candice Lloyd
| 4 Questions
Note from the author:
Events that led to the American Revolution
In 1 sentence, tell me everything you know about the American Revolution.
Great Britain had won the French and Indian war. As aresult, Great Britain gained a huge amount of land in North America. However, it also gained a huge debt. Britain also needed to send thousnads of soldiers to North America to protect new lands. Where would the British get the money to pay these troops and repay its debt?
What does the words debt mean in the paragraph above?
A- newly claimed lands
B- money owed
C- a change or improvement
D- an object made by people
Only watch from 4:50-10:00minutes on the video below.
What was the effect of the boston tea party?
A- the colonist asked to return to England so tat they could practice their religion in peace
B- the colonist felt they had won the war against Great Britain and returned to their normanl lives
C- it made the British Parliment happy because the colonists would no longer protest against them
D- it angered the British and casued them to pass a series of laws, the Intolerable Acts, to punish them
Please read the following article, you will have to copy and paste the link in a new web page.
Pretend you are living during the colonial times (1700s), your family runs a print shop. Write a letter to a friend in Great Britain describing how your family feels about the Stamp Act.

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