May Do: Percent Word Problem Review
by Daniel Koh
| 17 Questions
1 pt
Find the percent change to the nearest whole percent.

A girl and her friends were at the top of a hill to watch the sunset. Before the sun set, her shadow was 45ft long. Toward the end of the sunset, her shadow was 15ft long. What was the percent change of her shadow length?
1 pt
A stereo system is marked down from $450 to $18. What is the discount? Round to the nearest whole percent.
1 pt
Bryce's hourly wage went from $15.50 to $18.60. What was the percent change of his hourly wage? Round to the nearest whole percent.
1 pt
A sporting goods store near Lake Anna is having a 20% off sale on water skis. What will the sale price be for water skis which regularly sell for $248?
1 pt
A TV is on sale for 30% off. If the original price was $800, find the sale price.
1 pt
It costs a water bottle company $10 to manufacture a water bottle. The company is trying to figure out what to sell their water bottles for if they mark up the price by 40%. How much should they sell their water bottles for?
1 pt
You want to sell your deck of old baseball cards at a yard sale. You calculate that you originally spent $75 on these cards. If you mark them up 150% how much should you sell the cards for at your yard sale?
1 pt
Antonio and his family went out to eat at their favorite restaurant. The bill for the food was $65.00, and they left a 20% tip for the server. What was the total cost of their meal including tip?
1 pt
Mike buys a new iPod for $55.50. What is the total amount that he spent if the sales tax is 7%?
1 pt
Lisa, Jamiyah, and Sofia all go to eat at Lost Dog. Their total bill was $35.00. The sales tax is 6% and they want to leave a 20% tip. How much was their total bill? (Leave a tip on the bill + tax)
1 pt
Ms. Rivera paid $125 to get a fancy new haircut. If she tips the hairdresser 15%, how much was the tip?
1 pt
Danny gets his lawn mowed by a neighborhood kid. The kid charges $15 per week. If Danny gets his lawn mowed for an entire month (4 weeks) and gives the kid a 10% tip. How much will he tip the kid?
1 pt
Kelly sells paper for staples. She gets 15% commission of sales. Last month she sold $500 worth of paper. How much was her commission?
1 pt
David's is $3,500 per month. He also gets 6% commission on everything that he sells. Last month he sold $55,000 worth of items. How much was his total salary for last month?
1 pt
Angeline earns commission for selling cell phone contracts. She earns a 5% commission of the plans she sells. If she sold $40,000 worth in cells phone contracts last month, how much did she earn in commission?
1 pt
Geraldine put $4000 in an account that had 6% simple interest over 4 years. How much did she make in interest?
1 pt
Julio saved $14,500 in an account. The account had an interest rate of 7.5% and he saved it for 8 years. What is the final balance now?
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