Grade 3 math oa3
by Joell Wilkins
| 5 Questions
Mary lined up all of her triangles in an array. Write an equation to show how many triangles Mary has. (Level 2)

Juan saw a building with windows arranged in an array. Which expression would Juan use to find how many windows are on the building? (level 2)

3 + 6
4 X 7
6 X 3
4 X 6
Grandma is going to make 3 batches of cookies. Each batch of dough makes 15 cookies. How many cookies total will Grandma have when she finishes? Show how you solved the problem. (level 3)
The team is going to hang up posters along the wall. Each poster is 6 inches wide. If there are 14 people on the team, how many inches of wall will they need? Show your work. (level 3)
I brought 6 boxes of cookies to the family party. Each box has 8 cookies in it. Each person ate exactly 4 cookies and there we no left overs. How many people were at the family party? (Level 4)
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