Jack the Ripper
by Paul Volkman
| 11 Questions
Note from the author:
Who was Jack the Ripper?
According to a list drawn up by Sir Melville Leslie Macnaghten in 1894, only five victims were brutally murdered by Jack the Ripper. But some Ripper experts believe there were additional, "non-canonical" victims, the first found on 3rd April 1888, and the second on 9th April the same year. Who were these two unfortunate women?
A. Emily Eliza Seem and Margret Tureen
B. Emma Elizabeth Smith and Martha Tabram
C. Elizabeth Martha Smyth and Marion Timbre
D. Emma Martha Seemly and Elizabeth Talley
The cause of death for all known five Ripper victims was haemorrhage after severing of the carotid artery, but one victim escaped the mutilation that followed death. Who was she?
A. Elizabeth Stride
B. Annie Chapman
C. Mary Anne Nichols
D. Catherine Eddowes
When did Prince Albert Victor Christian Edward, the Duke of Clarence, first become a suspect in the Ripper murders?
A. 2018
B. 1888
C. 1993
D. 1962
The name "Jack The Ripper" first appeared in the "Dear Boss" letter, received by the Central News Agency on September 27, 1888. Generally accepted to be the work of an enterprising journalist, who is suspected of giving the murderer his famous moniker?
A. Mrs. Guerrero
B. Ghost of Abraham Lincoln
C. Tom Bulling
D. Aaron Kosminski
E. Dr. Thomas John Barnardo
An unusual suspect. Richard Wallace accused this famous author of being Jack the Ripper in his 1996 book, 'Jack the Ripper, Light-Hearted Friend'. Who was this famous author?
A. Dan Brown
B. Lewis Carroll
C. Mr. Brougham
D. Ken Kesey
What is the date of the first official murder of Jack the Ripper?
A August 31, 1788
B August 31, 1888
C August 31, 1998
D August 31, 1983
In what end of London did the murders take place?
A. South End
B. East End
C. West End
D. North End
Sir Melville Macnaghten drafted a letter during his tenure as Chief Constable of the CID in 1894. Found decades after his death, who did this important document list as "most likely to be The Whitechapel Murderer"?
A. Montague John Druitt
B. Aaron Kosminski
C. Michael Ostrog
D. All names are correct
Who is the important detective who worked the Ripper case?
A. Frederick Abberline
B. Mr. Volkman
C. Sherlock Holmes
D. John Wilkes Booth
Prior to acquiring his infamous moniker, the Whitechapel murderer was thought to be a man called "Leather Apron," otherwise known as who?
A. William Sherman
B. Mr. Franco
C. John Pizer
D. Robert E Lee
Draw the image of Jack the Ripper
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