Honey Badger Formative
by Norma Aragon
| 10 Questions
Note from the author:
Honey Badger Test
Which best expresses the main idea of the third paragraph?
Honey badgers have sharp claws that they use for fighting.
Honey badgers digging skills assist them in many ways.
Honey badgers use their claws to defend their homes.
Honey badgrs will defend their homes to the death against any animal.
Which statement would the author most likely agree with?
What makes the honey badger so tough is their speed and strength.
Honey badgers are large in size and tireless in fighting spirit.
What makes honey badgers so tough is their thick, loose skin.
Honey badgers got their name from the sweet taste of their meat.
Which best defines the meaning of the word burrows as it is used in the third paragraph?
Lily pads or other seaweeds in which animals hide.
Holes or tunnels in which animals live.
A nest or animal dwelling in a tree or bush.
A water supply where small animals come to drink.
Which best expresses the main ideas of the last paragraph?
Honey badgers are a nuisance to the neighborhood.
Beekeepers and honey badgers do not get along well.
Honey badgers have very strong jaws and teeth.
Honey badgers eat chicken and livestock.
Which best describes one of the author's main purposes in writing this text?
To persuade readers to join the efforts to protect honey badgers.
To compare and contrast honey badgers with beagles and lions.
To describe how honey badgers select their partners.
To explain why honey badgers are so tough.
Which statement would the author most likely disagree with?
Honey badgers like to raid beehives to eat honey.
Honey badgers are not the biggest animals, but they may be the toughest.
Honey badgers disguise their young to look like cheetah kittens.
Honey badgers are not afraid to fight with humans.
Which person is most likely to be disturbed by a honey badger moving in next door?
A beekeeper
A biologist
A bus driver
A salesman
Which animal is the honey badger afraid to attack?
Water buffalo
Poisonous snake
none of these
Which is not one of the honey badger's strengths?
Thick skin
Powerful jaws and strong teeth
Poisonous claws
Tireless fighting spirit
Which title best expresses the main idea of this text?
Battle of the Savahhah: Honey Badgers vs. Lions
Little Badger, Big Fight: One of nature's Toughest Scrappers
Ace in the Hole: How Honey Badgers Build and Protect Their Homes
Little Game: Interesting Animals That Live in Africa
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