The Terror: A Memoir
by Rhonda Tue
| 7 Questions
What is the main idea of the selection?
A Fear tormented and controlled Diaz until he no longer allowed it to.
B Fear is the most dangerous weapon bullies have against someone who is different.
C Fear allowed Diaz to prepare for future altercations with the brothers.
D Fear never proves to be useful or productive feeling.
What detail from the text best supports the main idea of the text?
A "Took me until I was sophomore in high school-yes, that long-before I finally found it in me to start facing my terror."
B "They would jeer at me and occasionally throw rockls, but even if they weren't chasing me in the flesh, they sure were chasing me in spirit."
C "But sometimes I like to think that if that beat-down didn't happen, I might have had an easier time of it."
D "So I locked up the whole miserable affair deep inside. I thought that would help, but avoidance only seemed to give it more strength."
How does Diaz describe fear in paragraph 7?
A He compares it to a ghost.
B He depicts it as a constant presence.
C He presents it as a deadly cancer.
D He personifies it as the brothers.
Which detail from paragraph 7 best supports the overwhelming fear he felt after being assaulted?
A "My first real beat-down, and I was furious and ashamed, but above all else I was afraid."
B "Afraid of my assailants. Afraid they would corner me again."
C "An awful withering dread that coiled around my bowels-that followed me into my dreams."
D "I guess I should have told someone, but I was too humiliated."
The author describes his experience in a way that highlights-
A how significant the assault affected his life.
B how long it took him to physically and emotially recover from the assault.
C how important it was for him to forget what had happened.
D how much he worried about be assaulted by the brothers again.
Why did the author describe the events that occured in paragraph 10?
A To describe how there was no more physical contact from the brothers.
B To explain how much he hated the brothers.
C To show the reader how he continued to be assaulted.
D To understand his mental state.
Through his experience, the author gained-
A respect for the brothers and their "no fear" attitude.
B an acceptance of how he will be afraid from now on.
C insight about the inner strength it took to face his fears.
D the ability to avoid the brothers from now on.
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