American Bald Eagle
by Richard Woodard
| 6 Questions
Use the article American Bald Eagle to complete this assignment
1 pt
Where do bald eagles live?
A. Europe and North America
B. North and South America
C. North America and Asia
D. only in North America
1 pt
When did the bald eagle become the official emblem of the United States?
A. in the same year the Declaration of Independence was signed
B. six years after the Declaration of Independence was signed
C. eleven years after the Declaration
D. two hundred years after the Declaration of Independence was signed
1 pt
On the Seal of the United States, there is a picture of an eagle grasping an olive branch and arrows. What does the olive branch symbolize? Use complete sentences.
1 pt
How long do bald eagles live in the wild?
A. about three decades
B. about half a century
C. about a fortnight
D. about a dozen years
1 pt
Why didn't Benjamin Franklin want the bald eagle to be used as a symbol to represent the United States? Use complete sentences.
7 pts
Match each vocabulary word with its definition.
  • sinister
  • dexter
  • talon
  • snag
  • exclusively
  • independence
  • moral
  • claw on a large bird
  • knowing right from wrong
  • solely; only; nowhere else
  • grab while moving
  • separation from another person or country
  • right
  • left
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