The Odyssey Quiz
by Candace Mroz
| 25 Questions
Note from the author:
Odyssey Quiz
1 pt
How does the Odyssey begin?
A With Odysseus telling us about his journey.
B With an invocation to the muses.
C In media res
D Both b and c
E All of the above
1 pt
Who intervenes to help Odysseus return home?
A Demeter
B Zeus
C Poseidon
D Athena
1 pt
Why must Telemachus visit Menelaus?
A To give an offering to the noble sage at Pylos
B To ask him if he can marry Penelope
C To learn if Odysseus is alive or dead and gone
D To ask for his assistane in fighting the suitors
1 pt
How does Telemachus react when the suitors challenge his capacity to reign?
A He keeps his cool because he knows his father is coming home soon.
B He challenges the suitors to a duel.
C He runs to Eurycleia who was his nurse as an infant.
D He keeps his cool and says he would be happy to simply rule his household.
1 pt
What can Hermes do with his wand?
A Fly over water
B Make men fall asleep and wake up
C Teleport
D Cause earhquakess
1 pt
What does Calypso promise if Odysseus were to stay on her island?
A His wife will join him there.
B She will turn him into a swine.
C She will give him great riches
D She will make him immortal.
1 pt
Odysseus leave Calypso's island after she helps him____
A build a raft
B find supplies
C draw a map
D collect firewood
1 pt
What does Ino give Odysseus to help him survive the stormy seas?
A A boat
B A veil
C A turtle
D a sash
1 pt
Why are the Lotus Eaters dangerous?
A They enchant men by turning them into swine which they cook and eat.
B They have a powerful flower that makes them think about home.
C They eat humans.
D They have a drug and offer it to Odysseus' men.
1 pt
What was the effect of the Lotus plant?
A the men fall asleep
B the men forget all about home and their mission
C the men could only think about eating it again
D both b and c
1 pt
Why doesn't Odysseus kill the Cyclops right away?
A They need his rams and nectar to survive.
B He doesn't want to anger the gods, namely Poseidon.
C They would die there because the stone door is so heavy.
D Both b and c
1 pt
What does Odyssues tell the Cyclops that his honorable name is?
A Agamemnon
B No one
C Nobody
D Odysseus
1 pt
Whose son is the blinded Polyphemus?
A Circe
B Helios
C Zeus
D Poseidon
1 pt
Which trait of an epic hero does Odyssues show when he ties his men to the rams?
A honesty
B courage
C strength
D cleverness
1 pt
What does Circe turn Odysseus' men into?
A dogs
B swine
C rabbits
D Lotus Eaters
1 pt
Who saves Odysseus from Circe's power?
A Athena
B Calypso
C Zeus
D Hermes
1 pt
Who is Tiresias?
A A blind seer who knows Odysseus' mother
B Odysseus' son and heir to his kingdom
C One of Odysseus' men who was killed on Circe's island when he fell from a roof
D A blind seer who gives Odysseus advice in the land of the dead
1 pt
What does Tiresias predict for Odysseus?
A happiness
B death
C anguish
D 7 more years at sea
1 pt
Who is the father of Odysseus?
A Laertes
B Nestor
C Telemachus
D Mentes
1 pt
Circe warns that the men who listen to the song of the Sirens will
A turn into pigs
B crash on the rocks
C think of their wives and homeland
D obey Odysseus
1 pt
How does Odysseus prevent himself from being lured by the Sirens' song?
A He has his men tie him to the mast.
He puts beeswax in his ears.
C He shouts to block their song.
D He asks Circe for a potion.
1 pt
Circe's vivid images of Scylla and Charybdis are so scary that Odysseus____
A changes the course of his trip.
B hopes and prays for help from Poseidon.
C keeps the truth from his men.
D hides below the shipdeck
1 pt
Odysseus chooses not to tell his men the truth about Scylla and Carybdis because he___
A worries that his men will think he is lying.
B hopes that Zeus or Athena will appear and save his men.
C knows that his men will panic and stop rowing.
D fears that his men will change course
6 pts
As an epic hero, Odysseus cometimes shows extreme self-confidence. How does this trait cause trouble for him when he reaches the Cyclops' island? Describe at least one example, using specific details from the epic.
6 pts
How does Circe both hinder and help Odysseus? Include and example of each and give details from the epic to support your response.
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