SDQ Set 4-6 Test
by Richard Woodard
| 15 Questions
Note from the author:
Science Discussion Questions
1 pt
When you heat a solution of salt and water, what do you predict you will observe after the solution is heated causing all the water to evaportate?
A. The salt would evaportate with the water.
B. Half of the salt would remain after the water evaportates.
C. All of the salt would remain after the water evaporates.
D. 3 ml of salt would remain after the water evaporates.
1 pt
What are physical characteristics of a grassland ecosystem that support the animals which live there?
A. Amount of sunlight
B. Amount of rainfall
C. Plentiful grasses and shrubs
D. All of the above
1 pt
What environment would you most likely find plants that have the ability to store large amounts of water?
A. rainforest
B. deciduous forest
C. desert
D. grasslands
2 pts
Give an example of a plant and animal that would be found in in your answer to number 3.
1 pt
How is mixing sugar and water together similar to mixing lemon juice and water?
A. They are both mixtures
B. They are both solutions
C. They are neither mixtures or solutions
D. A & B
4 pts
Create an illustration of the water cycle. Include the following words to label your drawing: precitpitation, evaporation, condensation, and sun. You can create this on paper instead and bring it to me with your name on it.
3 pts
Match the correct descriptions with the correct step of the water cycle.
  • During this step clouds are formed.
  • During this step water falls back to the earth as rain, snow, sleet, or hail.
  • During this step liquid is changed to a gas.
  • precipitation
  • evaporation
  • condensation
1 pt
What is the sun's role in the water cycle?
1 pt
About 70% of the Earth's surface is covered with water and nearly 97% of it is saltwater. What would happen if only 25% of the Earth's surface was covered with water?
A. We would have smaller oceans.
B. The fresh water supply would increase.
C. There would be a decrease in fresh water.
D. Plant life would be decreased.
E. A, C, & D
1 pt
Which characteristics help penguins survive in their environment?
A. webbed feet for swimming
B. gills for breathing
C. thick, oily feathers to stop water from being trapped
D. large flexible ears to hear predators
E. blubber to keep heat in their bodies
1 pt
Which items below would complete a circuit because they are conductors?
A. penny
B. plastic cap
C. paper clip
D. wooden toothpick
E. rubber ball
4 pts
The diagram above shows how energy is transformed in a power plant. List 4 types of energy produced in the diagram.
1 pt
Which cup from the picture above would slow down the transfer of thermal energy the best?
A. glass
B. ceramic
C. plastic
D. paper cup with lid
1 pt
Defend/explain your answer choice from number 12. Use a complete sentence.
1 pt
What are reasons that the moon appears to change shape over a 30 day period?
A. It revolves around the Earth in about 30 days.
B. It rotates around its axis in about 30 days.
C. It reflects different amounts of light from the Earth as it orbits around it.
D. It reflects different amounts of light from the sun as it orbits around the Earth.
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