Splish Splash - Art Class AVC
by Sarah Vazquez
| 4 Questions
Choose the best caution splish splash about art class.
A Art class is a scary place.
B Last time I went to art class I cut my hand open.
C It is important to be careful in art class when using large scissors.
D It can be fun to use scissors in art class.
Which is the best anecdote for art class?
A Art is fun becasue my friend Bess and I always go together.
B Art class has always been my favorite subject in school. I have won many awards for my art.
C Art is the best class in the world 4 out of 5 times.
D Art is cool because we have a cool teacher.
Which is the best fact splish splah?
A Art is easy for everyone.
B Art helps every person feel more happy.
C I like art a lot because it is pretty and makes me feel good.
D Research shows that art can help when you are stressed.
Which is the best example splish splash?
A Girls are better artist than boys.
B I will one day grow up and be the best artist in the world.
C My teacher told me that she was the best artist in her whole entire elementary school.
D I am more interested in art than in TV.
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