Culture Pre-Test
by Amy Bushong
| 3 Questions
Language, Clothing, Architecture, Transportation, etc.....are examples of.....
ways humans communicate
traits that are used to define culture
traits that humans pass down from generation to generation
current issues in countries today
Which example best shows how cultural borrowing has changed another world culture in a negative way?
In the past, Americans in Japan played baseball; whereas, the Japanese had never played baseball. In 2010, a Japanese Little League baseball team won the World Series.
During the 1950's most of the remaining German population had relocated to other countries, bringing new cultural experiences to the new areas.
In recent years, McDonalds chain restaurants have opened thousands of stores around China, causing many familu owned restaurants to go out of business.
The Mexican population of the United States has a tradition of celebrating Cinco de Mayo and Day of the Dead.
A person new to a culturelearns about his new way of life, and begins to live just like everyone else in that culture. This sequence best describes the process of......
cultural Borrowing
culture traits
cultural diversity
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